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Real Argentina

Please take a few minutes to get to KNOW MORE about ARGENTINA.

Beyond the cosmopolitan capital city of Buenos Aires, beyond the luxury hotels, and beyond the country that is rich in many natural resources lies a reality that very few tourists see or know about...

There are 10.2 million children under 14 years of age in Argentina; 4.7 million are poor, and of those children 1.9 million belong to homeless families.

The national map shows a strong difference between regions. In Resistencia (Chaco) 70% of children under 14 are below the poverty level, in Corrientes it reaches 66.2%, while Tierra del Fuego is at 7.6% and Rio Gallegos (Santa Cruz) at 12%.

The province of Buenos Aires is home to HALF of the poor in Argentina. Poverty hits 3 out of 10 argentines and is even more prevalent in children at 4 out of 10.

The national mortality rate for infants is a staggering 16%, with the leaders in the provinces of Formosa (28%), Chaco (24%), and Corrientes (24%). That’s roughly 1 of every 4 children who dies in infancy.

With only 37 million inhabitants, the country exports enough food to feed 330 million people, yet in the greater Buenos Aires area 20% of the children suffer from malnutrition.

Between 5-9% of the children from 5-13 years old are WORKING. These working children don’t pass their grade level since their focus is on working and helping to support their family. 12% of children do not complete the 6th grade and almost 40% DO NOT finish high school. For the teens (14-17 years of age) in the greater Buenos Aires area, 1 of 5 is working full time, with 25% of those working graveyard shifts.

Information gathered from: www.cilsa.org in 2007.-


Knowing of the challenges Argentina is facing is a start...

You can also help with time or donations! I focused a search on agencies that directly help people with the time and donations that are made.

Following are a few organizations to check out if you are interested in helping:

The program was developed at the National University of Quilmes, Buenos Aires. They distribute a nutritionally well balanced soup at a cost of $0.17 per ration in many soup kitchens in Argentina and Mozambique.
For more infomation: www.supersopa.unq.edu.ar

They receive, classify, and distribute food in many soup kitchens and to many families in Argentina. You can donate money, food, clothing, etc.
For more information: www.bancodealimentos.org.ar


This group is more widespread than just hunger. They focus on urgent situations such as: fighting global warming, helping to fight hunger, and helping hospitals. The president of the organization is Juan Carr, nominated for the Nobel Peace prize in Argentina in 2007.
for more information: www.redsolidaria.presencia.net/red_solidaria/about_red_solidaria

Viva magazine has a weekly print on Sundays that talks about different themes (nutrition, health, etc.) and lists organizations and ideas of how to help.
For more information: www.calendariodelcompromiso.clarin.com

They offer jobs and volunteer opportunities in Argentina and around the world.
For more information: www.idealsit.org

The site of the microcredit inventor and Nobel prize winner Mohammed Yunus.
For more information: www.muhammadyunus.org


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